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John Nikoloff – Partner

John Nikoloff - PartnerJohn Nikoloff is a founder and partner in PA Energy Resources Group, and has more than 20 years of experience and success as president and CEO of two Harrisburg-based public affairs and lobbying firms.

For several years, Nikoloff was Executive Vice President of a Pennsylvania-based research and development firm and president of a feedstock oil development company.  He has also served as executive director for two statewide professional associations.

Nikoloff has more than 35 years of experience in agribusiness, government, and public affairs.  Before founding a regional public affairs/strategic consulting firm representing Fortune 100 companies, he served in executive positions in four state agencies under three Governors, and learned the trade during several years on the staff in the State Senate and House of Representatives.

John is known for success in regulatory, legislative, policy and procurement issues at the state and federal levels, and as one of the nation’s top agribusiness lobbyists.  John led the effort which resulted in Sunday sales in the state liquor stores, created the Key 93 and Growing Greener Bond issues, and has written more than 20 bills which have become law.

He has represented dozens of corporations and trade associations, including Crop Life America, RISE, Syngenta and Land O’Lakes.  His other corporate clients included Mobil Oil, Procter & Gamble, Kodak, Motorola, UPS and MBNA.  Nikoloff has represented Pennsylvania’s internists and primary care physicians in Harrisburg and DC for more than 20 years.

He is an advisor to the Governor’s Agricultural Renewable Energy Council, is on the Board of Directors of the SMC Business Councils, and a past Chairman of the Pennsylvania 25x’25 Alliance.  He has served on the Executive Committee of the State Council of Farm Organizations, and is a member of the American Council on Renewable Energy, the National Biodiesel Alliance, and the Great Lakes Wind Collaborative.

John is a 30-year member of the PA Public Relations Society and a longtime member of the PA Society of Association Executives.

Tracy Wingenroth – Partner

Tracy Wingenroth - PartnerTracy Wingenroth is the co-founder and managing partner of Pennsylvania Energy Resources Group, LLC, a consulting firm specializing in alternative and renewable energy projects, and of ERG Partners, a public affairs, government relations and strategic consulting firm serving Pennsylvania and Washington, DC.  She has more than a decade of experience as a premier lobbyist in the state capitol, widely recognized for her expertise in rail freight and renewable energy issues.

Prior to co-founding ERG, Ms. Wingenroth was Chief Operating officer and managing partner of a Harrisburg lobbying and public affairs firm.

Ms. Wingenroth is recognized for her skills in government relations, economic development and state procurement.  She specializes in the use of state regulatory, tax and business incentives used to stimulate economic development and job creation. Over the last eight years, she has assisted clients in securing more than $85 million in economic development, alternative and clean energy funding, budget and capital financing.

Ms. Wingenroth has represented more than 20 railroads and major corporations. She has also served as coordinator of three statewide nonprofit associations and coalitions.

Tracy directs ERG’s government relations efforts in transportation and rail freight funding, rail regulation, tax reform, consumer protection, energy, homeland security and emergency management in both Harrisburg and Washington. Successfully leading numerous public and community relations outreach efforts, Ms. Wingenroth has saved ERG’s clients millions of dollars.

Ms. Wingenroth also plays an essential role in ERG’s strategic planning processes, business expansion opportunities and policy development.

Tracy received her Bachelor’s degree in Political Science from Millersville University and Master’s degree in Public Administration from Penn State.

Melissa Britcher – Manager, Public Affairs and Communications

Melissa Britcher - Manager, Public Affairs and CommunicationsMelissa Britcher is ERG’s Manager of Public Affairs and Communications. Having joined the firm as an Associate during its founding, she quickly expanded her role to include government relations, public affairs, grant writing, communications, and association management.  Her communications experience has ranged from media relations, planning and website development to event coordination and social media consulting.

Ms. Britcher has worked on a wide variety of government relations issues for ERG’s clients, including economic development, tax and business issues, energy, health care, transportation, homeland security, and emergency management. She has helped clients negotiate the maze of state and federal funding programs, coordinated legislative and project management, and assisted in efforts to pass legislation and regulations.  In addition, Ms. Britcher has managed administration and communications for statewide and national association clients.

Before she joined ERG, Melissa worked as an Associate at a Harrisburg public affairs and lobbying firm, and Public Relations Manager for a multi-state insurance association. She spent two years as Public Relations Coordinator in the Pennsylvania House of Representatives, managing media and public relations needs for several state House members. While in the House, she also staffed the House Bipartisan Alternative Energy Caucus.

Melissa has experience as a correspondent and staff writer for several weekly and daily newspapers. She is a member of the Pennsylvania Public Relations Society, Public Relations Society of America, and has served as the Public Relations Coordinator for the Pennsylvania Chapter of the 25x’25 Alliance. She received her B.A. degrees in English and Visual Communication Literacy from Lycoming College, Williamsport, PA.









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