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Monthly Archives: June 2012

State Budget Amended in House, Negotiations Ongoing with Governor

Negotiations between state House and Senate Republican leaders and Governor Corbett began in earnest this week and continue as the week ends.  The House amended SB 1466 and maintained the spending level of that passed by the Senate, at $27.656 billion.


House GOP Vetoes CFA Energy Project Grants Over Process

House Majority Leader Mike Turzai this week said there should be in-depth discussions with the Corbett administration about the decision making process at the Commonwealth Financing Authority (CFA) over grant and loan programs.   The seven-member authority oversees many state economic development, water and  grant and loan programs, including the state’s solar, geothermal and wind, and alternative and clean energy programs.


Corbett Seeks Major Tax Credit for Ethane Cracker

According to many news reports, Governor Corbett is asking the legislature to give plants that create plastics and other items from natural gas fluids $1.65 billion in tax credits over 25 years.