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Monthly Archives: October 2012

2012 Session Ends, Issues Remain. Legislators Look to Election Day

Last Wednesday the 2012-13 Legislative Session came to a close. Several pieces of legislation were sent to the Governor for approval, including the 2012-2013 Capital Budget authorization, but a few bills that were anticipated to be finalized before the election will wait until 2013 for further consideration. The House and Senate will return to Harrisburg the week of November 13 for leadership elections and housekeeping matters.


Energy Bills on Governor’s Desk

On Wednesday, the House signed Senate Bill 341, sponsored by Sen. Greenleaf (R-Montgomery). The bill authorizes an Automotive Fuel Testing and Disclosure Program, providing for the annual testing of automotive fuel for octane rating on a random, unannounced basis. The bill also allows the Department of Agriculture to enter into agreements with city or counties and authorizes investigations by the department, and provides for violations and penalties. The bill was amended to make the program voluntary by PDA. The Governor has until November 3 to act on the legislation.


No Drilling in State Parks, Says Corbett

During a press conference last week Governor Corbett responded strongly to suggestions that personnel moves in the administration were a precursor to drilling for shale gas in state-owned forests and parks.


Marcellus Fees Yield Windfall Impacts for Municipalities

This month the Corbett administration has announced that funds generated by Act 13, the natural gas extraction law, were roughly $204 million. Corbett praised the results of the fee and noted that the majority of the funds will go directly to local government for a variety of approved uses.