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Brendan R. Schubert

Vice President for Public Affairs

Brendan SchubertBrendan Schubert has held positions of responsibility in local government, public authorities, the state legislature and the private sector for the last two decades. He has represented labor unions, Fortune 100 companies, non-profits and local governments with their lobbying and strategic communications needs.

Brendan has a record of success in all phases of public affairs: public relations, lobbying, strategic communications, crisis communications, business and economic development. He gained experience working for the state House Democratic caucus, a mayor’s administration for the City of Pittsburgh, the Allegheny County Executive’s Vision Team, the largest public authority in Pennsylvania, and nearly ten years as a contract lobbyist in Harrisburg.
He has a thorough understanding of local government, state regulatory and funding programs. Brendan has been directly responsible for securing more than $150 million dollars in economic development projects throughout his career. He shepherded a state tax credit for airports, giving them the option for non-aeronautical revenue.

Partnering with his clients, Brendan successfully expanded the state liquor code to allow amusement parks and resorts to have a license for their specific use. Fighting on behalf of various public safety unions, he has advocated for occupational cancer presumption for first responders, classifying post traumatic stress as an injury not as a disease so workers can receive treatment and return to work, and securing state dollars for the fallen professional fire fighter memorial. He helped change a state law to allow public water utilities to replace lead service lines, and secured more than $55 million dollars for the second largest public water utility in Pennsylvania.

Growing up in the City of Pittsburgh (West End), Brendan attended Pittsburgh Central Catholic High School, has a bachelor’s degree from the University of Pittsburgh, and a master’s in public management from Carnegie Mellon University-Heinz College. He splits his time between Harrisburg and Pittsburgh’s Bright Heights Neighborhood. Brendan has two daughters Adrianne and Corrine who attend Pittsburgh Public Schools.

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