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Public Affairs, Strategic Communications & Government Relations

Have Your Company’s Voice Heard

Telling your story is an important part of any businesses. Whether you are breaking ground or hitting a milestone, getting the message heard by the right audience is essential to success.

ERG supports in-house communications and marketing staff or takes the lead managing media and public/community relations campaigns. We have five decades of experience in public and media relations and crisis management, overcoming potentially devastating issues ranging from the Three Mile Island accident to local development opposition, while managing news, educational efforts and outreach.

Navigating Government

Perhaps never before has the success or failure of any business been impacted more by government policies and regulations.  And never before has the polarized political atmosphere created so many roadblocks and potholes in the road to success.  Navigating the bureaucracy at any level of government can be a daunting task, but ERG has helped dozens of corporations find success.

ERG provides you with on-the-ground help to accurately and quickly analyze developments and provide you with thorough and accurate information. The political insight we offer our client-partners helps them make sound judgments on everything from business decisions to future strategies. Our experience, understanding and relationships ensure your message is heard by the right people – at the right time.

Who you know…

With government, success comes from delivering ideas and facts to key people who will advance and support them.

ERG takes great pride in the relationships we have developed in government, industry and the association community, helping us align our clients with people from policy makers to industry leaders to support your company goals.

What you know…

ERG understands that it is also what you know. Our years of institutional knowledge and work within state government have taught us the processes and pressure points that help you anticipate policy developments, craft and deliver your message.