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Our Partners

John Nikoloff

John Nikoloff – President

John has been providing advice, support, and hands on services in public affairs, public relations, politics and government relations since 1972. He is the founder and President of ERG Partners and Pennsylvania Energy Resources Group, serving companies on the East Coast and Washington, DC.
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Nicole Wilbourn

Nicole Wilbourn – Vice President of Legislative Affairs

Nicole Wilbourn has a unique understanding of legislative and administrative processes, policies, client/stakeholder needs and interests, and has demonstrated an ability to develop consensus to get things done in – and by – state government. Nicole comes to ERG Partners with fifteen years of experience in both the public and private sectors. She brings a broad network of professional relationships with government officials and staff, varied interest groups and constituencies, and a complete understanding of the pressure points in the processes that benefit our clients.
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Nicholas Wachinski

Nicholas Wachinski – Vice President and General Counsel

Nicholas Wachinski has been involved in private sector government relations on a national scope for the last fifteen years. His experience began as a attorney/lobbyist in Pennsylvania working on insurance related and criminal justice issues.
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Brendan R. Schubert

Brendan R. Schubert – Vice President for Public Affairs

Brendan Schubert has held positions of responsibility in local government, public authorities, the state legislature and the private sector for the last two decades. He has represented labor unions, Fortune 100 companies, non-profits and local governments with their lobbying and strategic communications needs.
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