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Connecting Businesses, Expanding Markets

ERG Partners is the state’s leading government affairs specialist in freight railroads and rail infrastructure projects. Over the past twelve years, we are most proud of our accomplishments working with Pennsylvania’s freight railroads, dozens of rail customers, and securing more than $100 million in federal, state and local funding.

We have also successfully won numerous legislative victories that not only protected the interest of our clients, but also saved Pennsylvania companies millions of dollars.

We have mastered the art of detailing the positive impact our clients’ projects will have on the local workforce, regional initiatives, and the state’s economy. And we can quickly identify the types of projects in which government or local development experts are likely to become a partner.

ERG Partners helps clients comply with project financing requirements for state programs, and makes complex projects understandable for policymakers. We have an unprecedented level of success in obtaining funding and completing projects.

By effectively becoming both a liaison and a partner for our clients, we are a single point of contact in Harrisburg and Washington, making your interactions with the public sector more efficient and manageable.