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Consulting & Business Development

Developing Strategies for Success…

ERG Partners works with clients in a partnership that yields long term, sustainable solutions. We listen carefully, conduct research, assess business opportunities and the political environment, and then set mutually agreed-to realistic goals. This results in trust, effective communications and success.

We have more than 30 years of experience working with companies ranging from raw start-up firms to Fortune 100 international corporations, and a demonstrated record of success in achieving their goals. ERG’s clients have benefited from more than $200 million in state and federal funding.

We have managed complex environmental, operational, legislative and regulatory issues, and provided our clients with a strong, active voice with governments and economic development agencies.

The firm’s experts have authored revolutionary public policy, designed and leveraged economic development initiatives, secured hundreds of millions of dollars in funding for clients, and built longstanding relationships and networks at all levels of government.

We see our business relationships as true partnerships, and as such, constantly seek out additional opportunities to improve a client’s bottom line above and beyond contracted services.  ERG believes strongly that your success means our success, and we have a track record that proves our ability to find unique business and legislative opportunities for our clients as a value added service.