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Commitment – Action – Success

Ag and Environment

  • Led lobbying efforts to create the state’s Right to Farm Act and Agriculture Communities and Rural Environment (ACRE) Act.
  • Successfully lobbied to increase state funding for the state’ Conservation Districts from $3.75 million to more than $15.5 million annually.
  • Drafted and passed legislation (Alternative and Renewable Energy Bond Fund and First Industries Fund) creating programs that finance agriculture-related energy projects.
  • Drafted legislation, secured Governor’s approval and coordinated 356 member statewide coalition to create the Keystone Park, Conservation and Recreation Fund, which has delivered early $1 billion for environmental and conservation purposes.
  • Drafted and secured passage of the state’s first biosecurity legislation for agricultural and research facilities.
  • Secured more than $30 million in funding for projects to clean waste and wastewater, removing nutrients from the Chesapeake Bay watershed.
  • Drafted and secured passage of legislation permitting continued genomic research in Pennsylvania.

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  • Secured more than $100 million in state economic development funding for clients.
  • Led efforts and passed changes to permit Sunday sales of wine and liquor in the Commonwealth, resulting in increased state revenues of more than $1.5 billion since passage.
  • Drafted and successfully passed legislation creating safety groups under the state’s Workers Compensation laws, saving businesses millions of dollars annually.
  • Coordinated public and community relations efforts to minimize local opposition to businesses in Adams, Bucks, Chester, Crawford, Erie, Fayette and Schuylkill counties.
  • Researched and located sites, tax free properties for manufacturing operations, working with local economic development and elected officials.
  • Successfully lobbied for amendments to the state’s Unemployment Compensation system to reduce business costs for small businesses.

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  • Secured capital budget funding, and release of more than $100 million in state funds for rail improvements and economic development projects across the state in last five years.
  • Helped lead statewide coalition to secure sustainable funding for infrastructure improvements for the state’s roads, bridges and freight rail lines.
  • Drafted and led effort to increase funding for improvements to the state’s dirt and gravel road system from $4 million to $24 million annually.
  • Defended the state’s railroad industries against attempts to enact punitive legislation that would have resulted in needless state regulation and increases in operating costs.
  • Developed and secured approval of a state plan to identify key agribusiness transportation networks, roads and bridges for use in planning critical infrastructure improvements.
  • Drafted and secured passage of amendments to the PennSecurity Fuels Initiative to provide quality standards for biodiesel sought by engine manufacturers, end users and consumers.

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  • Proposed and led efforts to develop permanent funding program including grants, loans, and tax credits, for alternative and clean energy companies, resulting in $650 million bond program.
  • Researched and located sites for multiple energy generating operations, working with local economic development and elected officials.
  • Prepared business and financial plans for several start up alternative energy and advanced technology firms resulting in early stage investments.
  • Drafted and successfully created a statewide mandate for biodiesel content in diesel for on road use, based on state production of the renewable fuel.
  • Secured $20 million in state support for the state’s first energy and nutrient recovery facility, generating 2.2 MW of electricity, while removing 70,000 tons of poultry manure from the Chesapeake Bay watershed.
  • Convinced the US Senate and Department of Energy to award a $1.4 million grant for R&D in alternative feedstocks and biodegradable automotive lubricants.
  • Organized the Pennsylvania Biomass Energy Association, a statewide industry-driven association promoting biomass as a sustainable energy resource.

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Health Care

  • Successfully lobbied for “joint and several liability” and venue reform legislation, reducing liability insurance costs for physicians.
  • Secured creation of a loan forgiveness program for primary care physicians practicing in underserved areas of the Commonwealth.
  • Secured passage of several bills designed to protect children from abuse and establish a statewide Task Force on Child Protection. Placed two pediatricians on the statewide Task Force.
  • Defeated legislative initiative by insurers to collapse rate categories, saving primary care physicians more than $20 million annually in medical liability premiums.
  • Defeated attempts to expand scope of practice by midlevel health care workers that would have jeopardized patient quality of care.
  • Coordinated government relations programs for a Primary Care Physicians’ Coalition, uniting more than 13,000 internists, pediatricians and family physicians to support programs that provide access to quality care.