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Throughout our six decades of experience, ERG Partners have represented a broad cross section of industries from Fortune 100 companies to local startup firms, from professional organizations to statewide coalitions. We have earned a reputation as valued business partners.

We take great pride in our clients and our joint accomplishments, working with clients in key areas:

  • Physician and Health Care Organizations
  • Small Business Owners
  • Agribusinesses
  • Biotechnology companies and associations
  • Conservation and Environmental Organizations
  • Transportation solutions
  • Alternative, Renewable and Traditional Energy Companies
  • Major Manufacturers

Client List

“ERG led our association from a 600 member physician's organization to becoming the state's largest specialty medical society with more than 7,500 members, while coordinating our advocacy and regulatory agenda and securing major legislative successes for physicians and patients alike.”
Ralph Schmeltz PA Chapter, American College of Physicians
“I've worked with ERG Partners over numerous and successful legislative sessions, including many "battles." ERG always held a very good grasp of how to best position its clients.”
Biotechnology Industry Organization
“ERG Partners took our issue and made it the legislature's top priority, overseeing a coalition of interests and corporate lobbyists, and successfully working with legislative leadership to get passage of an extremely complex bill.”
Distilled Spirits Council of the United States
“ERG has counseled us, advised us and regenerated our advocacy efforts on behalf of kids’ health. ERG took responsibility and leadership in the 2022 enactment of the most significant piece of medical legislation in the last 20 years, benefitting physicians, hospitals and patients.”
PA Chapter, American Academy of Pediatrics
“Our solar project is now complete and operational, and we have received all of our grant monies from the state and the federal government. Thank you and your staff for your efforts on this project. Without your help, we would not have been able to complete the project.”
Knouse Foods
“Our company is extremely grateful for your passion and perseverance that enabled the passage of the Pennsylvania mandate, funding of plant improvements and the many other services your company provided over the years.”
A leading biodiesel producer in Pennsylvania
“Thank you for coordinating our 356-member statewide coalition and successfully passing a major bond issue and state referendum to finance environmental preservation.”
Key 93 Coalition, Preservation, PA
“I have known John for the better part of three decades and recommend him highly as an advocate, lobbyist, speaker and colleague. ERG Partners have lectured internationally to various leadership programs and conferences the Pennsylvania Rural-Urban Leadership Program has hosted. His varied topics over the years have all ranked rave reviews, because the common thread is his passion, preparedness and knowledge base. Evaluations indicate a, "wealth of knowledge," "great perspective on leadership and the legislature," and, "Excellent! John definitely gave us a picture of how things work on The Hill.”
J.D. Dunbar, Executive Director PA Rural-Urban Leadership Program (RULE)
“John is an extremely talented professional. He has a wide range of expertise in consulting and government. He knows key players. He knows the issues. He knows how to bring people and resources together. He knows how to persuade and influence, envision and get results. Basically, he know how to get things done and done ethically, professionally and effectively.

I appreciate John's guidance and direction. He helped me countless times in my role as Regional Director of DCED in NWPA, in terms of how to best approach and frame an issue, know what and what not to do. The ultimate beneficiaries of his help have been the citizens of Commonwealth. With his base of knowledge of issues and people, and his proven track record of success, it is an easy task to recommend John.”
Phil Scrimenti Allegheny College
“We credit ERG with much of our success in securing funding and other critical support from the departments and officials of the Pennsylvania state government. We have learned and benefited from your professionalism and diligence in pursuing EnergyWorks’ interests.”
Patrick Thompson EnergyWorks BioPower