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PUC Seeks Comment on Future of Energy Efficiency, Conservation Programs

The Public Utility Commission seeking comments on the future of energy efficiency and conservation (EE&C) programs established under Act 129 of 2008. By a secretarial letter, the Commission requested input into future program areas as detailed on the links below.

At the same time, The Commission announced it would convene a stakeholder meeting to discuss the potential implementation of the second phase of the energy efficiency and conservation (EE&C) program as part of the Commission’s continuing implementation of Act 129 of 2008.

Commission staff will convene the Stakeholder meeting on March 16, 2012, at 9 a.m. in Hearing Room 1 of the Commonwealth Keystone Building in Harrisburg. The purpose of the meeting is to allow interested parties to discuss views on possible timeline issues, additional planning and implementation, as well as to begin a dialogue about the potential energy reduction targets for phase two of Act 129.

“Throughout my tenure on the Commission, I have championed the programs resulting from Act 129 and I remain a strong supporter of energy efficiency and demand response,” said Chairman Robert Powelson in a statement. “It is essential, however, that any future Act 129 programs are effective uses of consumers’ money.”

The Commission voted 5-0 to seek comments on important topics and issues that will be instrumental in designing and implementing any future phase of the EE&C program. The current EE&C plans are valid through 2013, at which time the law directs the PUC to re-evaluate the costs and benefits to determine if the EE&C programs should continue. By initiating this planning process well in advance of 2013, the Commission intends to facilitate a smooth transition to minimize any possible program lapses if the decision is made to move into the second phase of the program.

PUC seeks comments on energy efficiency, conservation programs
PUC to convene stakeholder meeting to prepare for potential second phase of energy efficiency and conservation program