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PENNVEST, DEP Announce Second Nutrient Credit Trading Auction of 2012

The Pennsylvania Infrastructure Investment Authority and the Department of Environmental Protection will host a June 13 auction for the sale and purchase of nutrient credits in the Susquehanna and Potomac watersheds.

This will be a so-called “forward” auction, where certified credits will be sold at auction, delivered later and applied to 2012 and future compliance years. The auction will afford wastewater treatment plants in these two watersheds the opportunity to purchase credits as a means of meeting their nitrogen and phosphorus discharge limits for the compliance years.

PENNVEST has chosen Markit Inc. to provide the platform for enrollment and eligibility, auctions and registry services. For more information, visit Markit Inc. at and select “Environmental Registries.”

PENNVEST anticipates charging buyers and sellers 2.5 cents per credit to offset administrative costs. For more information, visit and click on “nutrient credit trading” on the left side of the page.