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Budget Hearings Coming to a Close

This week will see the end of scheduled House and Senate Appropriations Committee budget hearings for state agencies and the 2013-2014 state budget. After hearing testimony from Departmental executives about needs, services, and the impacts of Governor’s Corbett’s proposed budget, legislative leaders will then begin the real process of working out a deal to pass a Constitutionally mandated balanced budget by the June 30 deadline.

The intricacies of multiple interrelated issues may make this year’s budget deliberations even more complex and difficult.  Major issues remain to be resolved, all of which have significant impacts on the state’s general fund and other budgets.  Proposals from the Governor to privatize the state’s Lottery and liquor sales will be difficult balancing acts.  Pension reform and transportation infrastructure funding are critically needed, but extremely complex and polarizing issues for many.

ERG will continue to monitor and report progress on issues of impact to energy and the environment.