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Democratic Legislator Wants More Control over EPA Clean Power Implementation

In response to the Environmental Protection Agency’s June 2 draft rules to reduce carbon emissions from point sources, Green County Representative Pam Snyder (D) intends to author a bill aimed at reducing the burden placed on coal-burning power plants.

Under the EPA Clean Power Plan, states would need to submit a plan for meeting reduced carbon emissions goals. Snyder’s bill, the Pennsylvania Greenhouse Gas Regulation Implementation Act, would give the state legislature approval power over a plan before it is submitted to the EPA.

“I have been and continue to be very concerned about what is happening in our nation’s capital regarding the heavy-handed regulation of coal-fired electric generation sources,” said Snyder in a prepared statement.

Under the direction of President Obama, the EPA has drafted rules to reduce carbon emissions by 30 percent by 2030. Snyder and other coal country legislators are concerned that the rule will have a negative impact on coal related jobs and energy prices.

Snyder also recently introduced House Resolution 815 which urges the EPA to “respect the primacy of each state in developing final carbon dioxide rules and to allow Pennsylvania regulators to account for the unique policies, energy needs, resource mix and economic priorities of the state.”

HR 815 was reported as committed from the House Environmental Resources & Energy Committee this week, with many of Snyder’s Democratic colleagues voting in the negative.

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