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Senate Sues to Restore Corbett Line-Item Vetoes to Fiscal Code Bill

Senate Republican and Democratic Leadership filed a lawsuit Tuesday against Gov. Corbett for his veto of provisions in the Fiscal Code bill in July which, among other items, vetoed $5 million in Senate and House funding for Harrisburg Parking expenses.

In a separate action in the main budget bill, Gov. Corbett vetoed $65 million in direct funding for all four Caucuses of the General Assembly and $7.2 million in legislatively designated spending.

At the time, Gov. Corbett said, “As they did in the last three budgets, agencies sharpened their pencils, set priorities, and spent what they had – not what they wished they had… The same, however, cannot be said for the General Assembly.”

The transition to a Wolf Administration will not affect the lawsuit.  The Senate’s position is a Constitutional argument that the Executive branch does not have the authority to line item veto decisions outside of the state budget document.