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Bush Announces Energy Policy in Marcellus Country

Last week, former Florida Governor Jeb Bush chose the headquarters of natural gas developer Rice Energy in Canonsburg, Washington County to release his energy policy for the US.  The campaign has posted the energy policy on its website.

Bush’s energy plan offered several proposals for helping the energy business. He proposed scaling back “mind-numbing” federal regulations, and deferring more to state policies — a change less pressing in Pennsylvania than in some coastal states such as Florida, which have sought to encourage offshore drilling. He also called for new infrastructure to distribute energy, especially the long-controversial Keystone XL pipeline. He called the Canada-to-Texas pipeline “the lowest-hanging fruit” for creating growth.

Mr. Bush also favors removing limits on exporting oil and gas abroad.

Bush has said that he believes global climate change is taking place, and that human activity contributes to it. But the energy plan released last week does not address renewable energy sources. And it rejects EPA proposals to limit GHG emissions from power plants, saying it would “impose the president’s conception of how everyone should produce and consume energy.”