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Small Business Regulatory Reform Act

Small Business Regulatory Reform Act

ERG Partner John Nikoloff joins Gov. Tom Corbett, and Representative Tina Pickett for the signing of the 1349 – the Small Business Regulatory Reform Act at Pennsylvania Precision Cast Parts in Lebanon. The bill, which ERG Partners lobbied for, ensures that government agencies consider the impact new regulations could have on small business when new regulations are being created. Bradford County Rep. Pickett was the prime sponsor of the legislation. At left is Andrew Miller, owner of PA Precision Cast Parts, which employs more than 175 workers.

Information provided by the Office of the Governor:
September 10, 2012

Governor Tom Corbett Monday ceremonially signed legislation that will protect small businesses from unnecessary red tape and costly mandates.

Sponsored by Rep. Tina Pickett (R-Bradford), House Bill 1349, The Small Business Regulatory Reform Act, amends the Regulatory Review Act to require state agencies to consider the impact of any proposed regulations on small businesses.

“This bill reduces the red tape our small businesses must go through to grow and be successful,” Corbett said. “Less money spent on bureaucracy means more job creation and economic investment.”

The Small Business Regulatory Reform Act requires state agencies to identify the types of small businesses that would be impacted as well as the potential administrative costs of proposed regulations. If a proposed regulation is determined to have an adverse impact on small businesses, the Independent Regulatory Review Commission must provide a less intrusive or costly alternative that still achieves the intended statutory purpose.

“Requiring agencies to seek input from small business will result in regulations that better balance public welfare with economic growth,” Corbett said. “By reducing unnecessary regulatory hurdles and costly mandates, businesses will have the ability to operate efficiently, maintain and potentially grow their business and workforce, and stay competitive.”

The act allows small business the opportunity to be involved in the regulatory process, providing a better partnership between government and small business in the effort to create jobs for Pennsylvania working families.

“Thanks in large part to Governor Corbett’s efforts the regulatory environment in Pennsylvania is steadily improving,” said National Federation of Independent Businesses State Director Kevin Shivers. “It’s hard to believe that small businesses in Pennsylvania, which provide more jobs than any other sector, had virtually no voice in the processes of drafting regulations by which they are so deeply affected. Because of this law, small businesses now have a seat at the table.

Corbett, joined by Pickett, Shivers and representatives of several business organizations who advocated for the legislation, ceremonially signed the law at the PA Precision Cast Parts, Inc. in Lebanon after touring the facility.

PA Precision Cast Parts, Inc. is a recognized industry leader, employing over 175 Pennsylvanians and converting raw materials into quality cast components since 1983.

To read the full text of the legislation, visit the General Assembly’s website at Corbett originally signed the bill on June 29.