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Congress Has a Short Time Frame to Act on Critical Renewable Energy Issues

Members of Congress are set to return next week after five weeks of summer recess, an extensive amount of time used to reconnect with constituencies. However, with only a few short weeks before the November elections (the House has only 13 legislative business days set aside before Nov. 6), questions remain as to just how much political will lawmakers possess as they confront a long list of pending issues and issues which could turn votes in the election.

Much more has been speculated over what will be accomplished during a likely post-election lame-duck session, which gives members at least some political cover. It can only be hoped that regardless of how the legislative calendar plays out over the remainder of 2012, lawmakers heard from voters a strong desire to see action taken on legislation critically needed to assure our economic recovery, our pursuit of strong national security and an improved environment.

Fewer constituencies are more attuned to these priorities than renewable energy advocates. There are a number of legislative requirements that are urgently needed, not only because they face statutory expiration without renewal, but also because they are necessary to help insure this country returns to strong economic health and its role as the leader in the global technology marketplace. Among these crucial needs are programs currently authorized under the Energy Title of the 2008 Farm Bill, which expires at the end of this month – a few short weeks away. Read more…